Project Components

Project Components is a project which combines social media and art. I learned about it while working on my Master’s Thesis on Photography and Social Media. I even ended up using the project as a case study for my paper. While in Munich, I met the project’s mommy, Munich-based photographer Simone Naumann for a coffee. Then I went to her photo exhibition Elements in the Geranienhaus of the Munich Nymphenburg Castle (its story and photos of it are soon to be seen on the blog) and talked about photography. The third time we met, we talked some more about photography and about Project Components, which I am now part of.

I believe Project Components will become a social network in itself, but not a regular one. It is a more personal way of connecting creative minds from around the world and phase two of the project means posting each Sunday morning an interview with one of the project’s participants under the slogan “Breakfast with…”

So that’s who I ended up talking about breakfast, Cluj, photography and butterflies on Project Compoents. Check it out and do let me know what you think. Any idea or comment is welcome.

Project Components:


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